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In order to make ends meet, jockeys keep a hectic schedule traveling from track to track for race days. For jockeys, a loss of income due to injury and even short-term disability could be disastrous. Jockey accident insurance meets the concerns of the track owners and jockeys with insurance coverage protecting jockeys against loss of income or medical expenses if they are injured as part of an official race or event.

Invictus Underwriters Jockey Accident Solution and Services (J.A.S.S.) insurance is available for jockeys through participating tracks. This insurance provides jockey coverage for medical expenses and disability income (lost wages) if a jockey is injured while at work – similar to what Workers’ Compensation insurance would do for a full-time, paid employee.

The Complete Solution

Simply put, a complete solution includes all the products, services, and any other element a customer needs to solve a problem. In many cases it will require a clear business objective, outlining the details of the work to be done, by whom, when, and what means or resources will be used.

Working with Invictus Underwriters you will work side-by-side with a jockey accident industry expert—someone who not only understands your business, but has been an integral part of it. Together we will outline your objectives, the needs of the jockeys, followed by a detailed discussion of the work to be done so that we can tailor an insurance solution that benefits both you and your jockeys.

With a strong focus on your objectives and the safety needs of jockeys, our experts are dedicated to the development of each program. The result: Purposeful, driven, product creation, defined and developed in partnership for each of our clients.

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Invictus Underwriters J.A.S.S. program is underwritten by Starr Companies.
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